The blog  name “Tombazan ” comes from the word “Amantombazana” which is a Zulu word for “an unmarried girl or young maiden” (or sometimes “a wench”!) . I decided on it because most of my sewing projects are for young women. It also reflects my South African heritage and love for Zululand where I grew up. It is said “toh-ma-zan”. I am more of an “umfazi” (older mature married woman).
I am a “recovering” Canadian high school special needs teacher with over 20 years experience, and have a passion for helping adolescents and adults living with ADHD. I love sewing, making  jewelery, reading, chatting to my huge SA family via Facebook, gardening and walking. My mother and grandmother taught me to sew, knit and crochet at a very early age, but I was spoiled by my Mum, who sewed everything for me until I was 15 (in spite of having a full time job and 6 children). I was a very cheeky “amatombazana” and too critical of her sewing as her eyesight deteriorated, so she put her foot down and refused to sew for me anymore ….served me right. I taught myself to sew from patterns after I married and left home.

Now that we are “empty nesters” , my hubs and I have just moved into our dream house – an ugly duckling 70’s vintage rancher with an amazing garden, in the most beautiful place imaginable.  I am currently unemployed (local school boards are laying off teachers) so when I am not looking for jobs, I am using my time to live as “green’ as possible. I try to reuse and recycle as much as possible, upcycle and make decor items and clothing for myself and my daughter (and her friends) by using thrift store finds. I love to re-purpose vintage clothing,  try to spray paint anything that doesn’t move fast enough, grow my own vegetables, tend my garden, love my family, and give my friends time and attention.


One Comment on “About”

  1. manna810218 says:

    Hello from South Africa! Or should I rather say, Sawubona ntombazana.

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